Wednesday, September 20, 2006

New drawing, old idea

I was really into 3 music videos during 2003 (the Teen Titans era), Side-Travis, 1979 - Smashing Pumpkins and Rocket - also Smashing Pumpkins (all directed by Jonathan Dayton + Valerie Faris). I wanted to do a story simular to these videos, so just for the hell of it, I did a few drawings with kids and UFOs and named it Vistors. Later, I made everyone on the Titans crew do a pin-ups for me (I still have every single one of them). It was a fun idea... Jonathan Dayton + Valerie Faris have a new movie out, "Little Miss Sunshine", I don't know if it's still in theaters but check it out, it's pretty funny.


Blogger Charles Drost said...

Nice! I like the photo background. I never did do a pinup for you, did I? I suck.

9:48 PM  
Blogger Animatrixie said...

Ooooh! I like this! Nice coloring and super solid design! :)

Good to see ya today!

P.S. They had those two special Phantom Brave characters from the Disgaea sets opened and on display in the store downstairs! I had to snatch em up right away....But now I need the Pram figure......OH! And that Palm figure set I was mentioning earlier was of a group of characters from something called Dengeki Bunko. They're a collection of characters from different stories, and are beautifully designed and painted. Broccoli seems to be the only place selling them right now for something like $84 for the set of only six or eight! Yikes! They're awfully sweet, though. :)

9:24 PM  
Blogger potato farm girl said...

ooh nice! I want to see the pin ups, I didn't start there until 2004! I need another Disgaea figure, they are overtaking my cube!

12:47 AM  

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